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V.I.P. Tai Chi training
Enjoy outstanding exclusive personal training with a competent, experienced and certified Tai Chi Chuan teacher.
Fitness, Health and Balance
You can also benefit from the effects of Tai Chi Chuan! Within a short time our individually tailored and intensive training program Very Intensive Personal Tai Chi - Training leads to significant success by combining the most effective Tai Chi Chuan exercises in relaxation and endurance / strength building.
This offer is perfect for those who are not able to invest a lot of time to learn the complete Tai Chi Chuan system, but do not want to miss the excellent effects of a good Tai Chi training.
So you will be introduced to the most interesting and effective parts of the hand and weapon forms and the Pushing Hands system. This training and exercises can be performed anywhere and without major equipment expenditure.
The contents are taught by a qualified personal trainer with years of experience in martial arts, Tai Chi Chuan, fitness training, physiotherapy, massage and osteopathy. 
This rousing and motivating training can be done very effectively even during the lunch break.

V.I.P. Tai Chi training (60mins)* 150,-EUR   please ask for special prices
V.I.P. Tai Chi training (45mins)* 120,-EUR   for regular training  
V.I.P. Tai Chi training (day rate)** 500,-EUR    
(*  V.I.P. Tai Chi training single hours can be booked in Berlin, Nürnberg, Roth, Schwabach)
(** The day rate is for up to 5 hours training, around Germany, plus call-out fee)
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